Vintage Tinapa

Hi guys!

The weekend’s over. Bummer.


Calabar is a beautiful town but after living here for so long, it has become difficult to find solitude. We still try anyways.

We recently came across this spot in Tinapa Resort. (It’s been there forever, just got a face lift. The power of makeup, lol). It was a cool, sunny day and a mad location like this couldn’t waste. Not when we have smartphones with sharp cameras and amateur photographers around us, why not?


The shoot was fast. it had to be. (Don’t ask why). But it was full of noise and music.

Pictures say a lot more.


Shoot Details

Location: Tinapa Resort


Shirts: RetroReligion


Photography: Ourblogazine (Yes!) Credits- JayMoney and Ace.

Set entertainment: Ace

Shoot Director: Chakiee


Models: You already know. 😀


JayMoney, ladies and gentlemen.20170318_110239

Maybe we didn’t do justice to the location. If you feel like hooking us up for a professional shoot, we are game!!


School’s on heat for us right now, nothing else seems much like anything. But we do hope you all are chilled and living it up one way or the other.

Have a great week guys!

CZ. x


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