The day I will never forget

Hello friends at home! *waves dramatically and enthusiastically* How are you all doing? Good? Great? I know I shouldn’t just hop in here like everything’s alright or like we never left but really, can we pretend we didn’t give ourselves too much of a break.?? No excuses, life happened! But we’re here, alive and grateful and hopefully almost fully back.

The title was hard to pick but, do you remember writing an essay with this same title when you were younger? Well this is our own creative writing essay for this topic… 

It was a Sunday like any other little did I know the day wouldn’t go so well for me, maybe I’d have stayed home and feigned a tummy ache. It was so hot in church as all the Air conditioners had decided to get bad at exactly the same time and the fans were a total waste of time. The pastor, my dad had promised to keep the sermon short so we could all go home before we died of a heat stroke.

I had made numerous trips to our tiny girls bathroom and many children were in there splashing their faces from the tap to keep cool. I did same and decided to take off my dress for a bit before long, I heard it was offering time. Many of the girls cried out to me saying “I don’t have offering” so I shared all my change with them and began my walk to the tray in front. 
Just after passing the first row I decided to take a look at myself and realized in the offering hurry and frenzy I had run out with out my dress so I was in a bra, my panties and  these lovely gold high heeled sandals. I opened my mouth turned around and ran out. I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life. 
On entering the bathroom I ran straight into the cleaning supply room and hid myself out of the shame.
It was hotter in here, so after the shame, the heat wave hit me and I needed to get out of there real quick. It was then I remembered the announcement at the beginning of the service “please while using the toilets, don’t try to open the cleaning supply room as there’s a problem with the jam lock that needs to be fixed”
I’m doomed I thought to myself and panic began to set in. I looked for another way out. None! Just a small window that led to the main toilet. I jumped high enough to crack it open after numerous tries it gave way. All that exercise made me sweat even more. I heard footsteps and started yelling “HELP” no response maybe they left. Then I heard tiny footsteps I yelled again, louder this time “HELP MEE!!!” It sounded like the person stopped moving “I’m stuck in the supply closet” no response instead I heard footsteps and seconds later, the door slammed shut.
Think of something or you’ll roast in here
Maybe I could climb through the tiny window afterall 
Now how do I get up there
I took off my shoes and used my upper body strength and maneuvered my way up and just as I was trying to fit myself in, I fell flat on my back. I couldn’t move. 
I opened my eyes after what seemed like forever and I saw the key hanging on the door.! 


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